Best 4 Professional Dog Grooming Scissors For Pet Groomers 2023

Best 4 Professional Dog Grooming Scissors For Pet Groomers 2023

We often do not know how to identify what is better scissors will be for our dog grooming, so more hesitant, today we will analyze this and hope can help the groomers.

How To Choosing Dog Grooming Scissors?

We will talk about 4 factors for Scissors: Types, Size, Blade and Price Range.

1. Types

What kind of dog grooming scissors are best?

It depends on the type of scissors. Find the right type of scissors for you. The type of dog grooming scissors you choose depends on your intended purpose.

Some of the types of beauty scissors available include:

   1) Thinning or blending shears

This scissors can make thick hair and blend it into the rest of the fur.

Use these scissors to cut hair without making it thicker. Its characteristic is that the larger the teeth on the scissors, the more hair can be cut.

If you use three teeth instead of two, more hair can be removed. This is the English saying that the more teeth this hybrid shear has, the thinner and more mixed the hair will be, and the more natural and better-looking it will be.

   2) Chunkers

It is a thin-cut scissor suitable for curly-coated dogs. Using this kind of scissors will not cut off too much hair so easily, so be sure to use it correctly. This Scissors not suitable for straight haired dogs.

   3) Rounded-tip shears

We usually see some round-head scissors, which are safer for your pets to use. They don’t have a pointed end like other scissors. If the sharpness is high, it will easily hurt the dog’s body. The fur around the face and eyes is even more protective.

Also if your dog has difficulty staying still, these clippers can also be used on other areas of the body. So if there are high-quality scissors like this, they will be very suitable for novice dog groomers.

   4) Straight-cutting Scissors

This pair has a straight edge and is helpful for overall trimming of your dog's coat. If you just want to trim the hair around your dog's body, straight scissors are the most commonly used scissors.

   5) Curved Scissors

Curved scissors are not as commonly used scissors as straight scissors. But it's also important to use straight scissors to trim your dog's fur. Because curved scissors allow you to cut at a wider angle from one position, they're perfect for trimming a dog's head.

This will make it easier for you to give your pet a grooming session. Great for targeted pruning.

Some curved scissors are not designed to be precise enough in their curves, which can be beneficial to delicate areas such as the claws and face if you find a suitable pair.

2. Size

For example, you can use shorter scissors to cut hair, but longer and large areas of hair will not look good, in order to avoid the ugly shape of the scissors. Scissors longer than 6″ are only suitable for some dogs. The best dog grooming scissors sets usually have different size products, so that the groomer can easily and better control the grooming of different dogs.

So the size of the scissors you buy depends on the size of your dog. Some beauticians will find that 8-inch scissors are just right for their needs. If you have a large dog you might want to buy one that is 9 or 10 inches long.

If your small breed dog needs trimming, buy smaller scissors so you can trim their coat easily.

If you have a dog as small as a poodle, look for a pair of shears that are 6 to 7 inches long.

3. Blade

There are advantages and disadvantages to the blades used in dog grooming scissors. Commonly used materials are:

    1)Titanium Plated Blade

It looks good because the leaves come in several different colors. But they relatively lack the durability and sharpness of the other two materials mentioned below. We still don't recommend products that don't stay sharp for a long time

     2) Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a better material for dog scissors blades, more durable, anti-rust, sharp, suitable for our usual and easier complete tasks during dog grooming classes or school.

     3) Japanese Stainless Steel

Japanese stainless steel is the best material out of the 3, with this dog grooming tools, the blades are the sharpest and last a long time if cared for properly. But in general it is much more expensive than ordinary stainless steel.

There are many grades of stainless steel scissors on the market. For example, "440C Japanese stainless steel" scissors. The metallic elements of this one are high grade stainless steel.

Another thing to look at is the HRC Rockwell Hardness Rating, which is a measure of the actual hardness of the steel.

Generally speaking, the hardness grade of high-quality steel is about 57-59. If higher quality scissors have to be made of higher quality steel, so the hardness level has reached around 60-64.

4. Price Range

The price of dog grooming shears and kits varies greatly from brand to brand, and products ranging from $9 to $500 are also sold again.

If you are a hobbyist who just wants to groom dogs, you can buy a set for $10 to $40 that is ok to use, if a professional groomer recommends $40 The scissors made of the above 440C steel will be better.


Price is indeed a factor affecting the quality of scissors.

440C steel is considered good material, but a little better for razor sharpness. Longer usage time is also an advantage.

Best Dog Grooming Scissors Brands Worth Recommending

We have detailed above what needs to be done to choose a better dog trimming  scissors, we may consider how comfortable the scissors are to use and the sharpness and durability of the blades and its cutting precision.

Below we recommend some brands of scissors that many customers say are better scissors at a reasonable price.

  1. Kenchii Scorpion Dog Grooming Shears
  2. lynnprofessional Dog Scissors
  3. DC Grooming Shears
  4. Petedge Scissors
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