Pet Grooming Scissors Free Samples Test

If your instagram account is about pet grooming.

And want to try our high-quality scissors. Can see details:

1. If you just want to try our brand scissors on the picture 👆👆👆above , it is completely free. (Not including 440C Scissors)

Send the address info below for shipping will okay:

   1). Name.
   2). Address.
   3). Zip code.(Post Code)
   4). Phone Number. (Can not send Without this)

We will send the products soon.


2. If you want to customize the name on the scissors, need to pay $9.99 USD.

Our Paypal Account:

Then choose one pair of scissors below pictures👇👇. And Send Custom Name.

After that,  we will Laser Scissor within 5 days and ship package soon.

(Laser Name not have other colors, Just looks white)

Choose Products 👇👇:

              Grooming Scissors Set 1👇:

               Grooming Scissors Set 2👇 :

And Also These Colorful Scissors👇👇

1) Golden+Black  DC009/010

2) Blue DC012

3) Black DC013

This All Free customize products test activity will finish soon after Sep, 2023.

Mike Ou
Dream Customize
@focusercarving Company

Can send email to us if have question:👇

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