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Blender Scissors DC403 Dog Grooming Kits

Blender Scissors DC403 Dog Grooming Kits

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DC Super Professional Scissors!

Made of 440C high-quality stainless steel, after the vacuum quenching process, the steel hardness is high , and extremely high sharpness and durability, and longer life than ordinary pet scissors.

Size:7 inch

Feature: Pet Blender Scissors
Material:JP 440C Stainless Steel
Color: Silver

Handle : Golden beauty

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
These scissors were very satisfying to use !!!!

Review from:

안녕하세요 카멜리몽입니다☺️

해외에서 협찬받은 2탄 가위를 소개해볼까해요!

출시해주신건 숱가위종류같고 우리가 알고 있는
숱가위보다는 더 절삭력이 있는편입니다.
요술가위와 숱가위 중간인거 같습니다.

크지않은 크기로 얼굴에 섬세한작업을 할때 좋을거 같아요!
가위자국이 난다면 이 가위로 정리를 해주고
마무리용으로 사용하기 너무 좋습니다!
앞에 요술가위보다 더 가벼운 느낌으로 손목에 무리가지 않게
사용하기 좋아요.

사용 만족도가 높은 가위였어요!
숱가위보다는 더 잘리며 라인정리에도 물론
전체적인 미용을 깔끔하게 정리하는데 도움이 되더라구요.

아주 유용하게 잘쓰일거 같습니다.



•모델: DC403

•크기: 7인치

•재질: JP 440C 스테인리스 스틸


•Blender Scissors DC403 Dog Grooming Kits

가위업체 ✂️ @dreamcustomizetools


I would like to introduce scissors sponsored overseas!

What you released looks like a type of Blendding scissors and we know
They have more cutting power than Blender shears.
It seems like a cross between Chunker scissors and Blendding scissors.

I think it‘s good for doing delicate work on the face as it’s not that big!
If there are scissor marks,
Great to use as a finishing touch!
It feels lighter than the Chunker scissors before, so it‘s easy to use without putting too much strain on your wrists.

These scissors were very satisfying to use!
It cuts better than Blendding scissors and is of course great for organizing lines.
It helps keep your overall pet grooming look neat.

I think it will be very useful.

Thank you☺️🙏

✂️Model information

•Model: DC403

•Size: 7 inches

•Material: JP 440C stainless steel

•Hardness: 59~61HRC

•Blender Scissors DC403 Dog Grooming Kits

Leo Gameleira
The scissors are very beautiful !!!!

Review from:

Thank you, my friend, the scissors are very beautiful !!!!

Lucas Bonifacio
Nice New Scissors

Review from:

Thank you so much @dreamcustomizetools for this scissors ✂️
#publi #spitzalemao #tosanatesoura #scissors #vilaaugusta #groomerbrasil