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Professional Dog Grooming Chunker Scissor DC502

Professional Dog Grooming Chunker Scissor DC502

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DC's high-standard scissors!

Made of 440C high-quality stainless steel, after the vacuum quenching process, the steel hardness is high , and extremely high sharpness and durability, and longer life than ordinary pet scissors.

Size:7 inch
Feature: Pet Chunker Scissors
Material:JP 440C Stainless Steel
Color: Silver

Handle : Anti-slip design , adding a totem pattern, not only increases the beauty but also plays a role in anti-slip.

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Customer Reviews

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Vania Almeida

Review from:


No annoying smooth opening ,not heavy. Good to use!

Review from:

안녕하세요 카멜리몽입니다😄

해외에서 협찬받은 가위를 소개해볼까해요!
요술가위인데 일단 디자인이.. 아주 이뻐요👍
평소에 보지 못한 디자인에요
보자마자 우와 특이해 이쁘다를 연신 외치던 👏

핸들이 특이하다고 했죠?
이유가 있었어요~ 패턴을 추가한 미끄럼 방지 디자인은 아름다움을 증가시킬 뿐만 아니라 미끄럼 방지에도 중요한 역할을 한다고 합니다
이런 섬세함 아주 좋습니다!

또 제일 중요한 사용감,
요술가위특유의 삭삭 거림이 덜했어요.(겹치는 거슬리는소리) 부드러운 개폐감 이었고 그렇게 무겁지도 않았구요.
길이감을 잡을때 초벌용 요술가위로 사용하면 좋을거 같아요
팍팍 쳐도 확 잘릴 염려없어서 마음편하게 쓸 수 있는 가위인거 같아요
동시에 결정리 마무리도 함께 되더라구요🙌


•모델: DC501

•크기: 7인치

•재질: JP 440C 스테인리스 스틸


•Professional Dog Grooming Chunker Scissor DC502

가위업체 ✂️ @dreamcustomizetools


I would like to introduce scissors overseas!
It‘s a pair of Chunker scissors,
but the design... is very pretty👍
It’s a design I‘ve never seen before.
As soon as I saw it, I kept shouting
“wow, it’s special, it’s pretty” 👏

You said the handle was unique, right?
There was a reason~ It is said that the non-slip design with added patterns not only increases beauty but also plays an important role in preventing slipping. This kind of delicacy is very good!

And the most important feeling of use,
There was no crunching sound characteristic of Chunker scissors (an annoying overlapping sound). It had a smooth opening and closing feel and was not that heavy.
I think it would be good to use Chunker scissors for drafting when getting a sense of length.
I think it would be good to use Chunker scissors for drafting when getting a sense of length.
I think these are scissors that you can use comfortably without having to worry about them cutting sharply even if you cut hard, you can finish the job at the same time🙌

Thank you🫶🏻

✂️Model information

•Model: DC501

•Size: 7 inches

•Material: JP 440C stainless steel

•Hardness: 59~61HRC

•Professional Dog Grooming Chunker Scissor DC502

수원애견미용 뭉개뭉개 (상표등록)
My Grooming With DC Scissors

Review from:

선물 받은 바다 건너 온 뉴 가위♥️
새가위쓰니 미용도 더 깔꼼히 되는 기분🫣🫶🏻



#애견샵 #인계동애견미용 #수원애견미용 #강아지미용

Nice Blade

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Ronivaldo Vieira
Nice scissors

Review from:

Grooming with the scissors.